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A Fashion Statement?

Bracelets, rings and necklaces have always made great fashion accessories … braces not so much. Braces can be a little awkward, especially for adults. But there is a solution! Positioned behind your teeth, lingual braces are a quicker and more discrete way to straighten your teeth.

In the 1970s, the first doctors to attempt lingual braces took traditional braces and cemented them to the back of their patient’s teeth. This technique hid the braces, but it was very problematic. Not only did brackets commonly fall off, but the bulky braces did not achieve the same results that wearing braces on the front of the teeth would.

The History of Lingual Braces - The Alias Lingual System

The Next Step In The Evolution of Lingual Braces

With the rise of digital technology orthodontists were able to come up with a viable solution for lingual braces. Arch wires were designed to fit on the inside of the teeth and individual brackets were created for each tooth. The combination of properly fitted arch wires and brackets effectively hid braces and achieved results. Unfortunately, it was very uncomfortable.

Dr. Ken Danyluk and a group of top orthodontists from around the world formed the Alias Lingual Bracket Development Team. Their goal was to find a solution to minimize their patient’s discomfort during lingual treatment. After years of collaboration, the new Alias bracket was designed to minimize friction while producing continuous tooth movements over time. This new bracket gave their patients the smile they had always wanted while keeping them comfortable and virtually pain-free.

In today’s market, not all orthodontists offer lingual braces due to the considerable amount of training and technical expertise that is necessary to complete successful cases. Dr. Danyluk not only specializes in lingual braces; he also runs the largest lingual practice in all of North America. His experience and expertise make him the top North Scottsdale orthodontist to visit if you’re interested in lingual braces.

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