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Alias/Eline Lingual Set ups

HBB Aligners

Something To Smile About

When affordable meets quality, it becomes a game changer in your practice!

Hidden Braces Boutique is a fully digital lab in Arizona. Our lab has a strong dedication to providing you and your patients aesthetic solutions unlike any other! We use our expertise to personally supervise every case, ensuring all fabrication is of the highest standard. We make satisfaction a priority in all services and cases we provide.

What Our Doctors Are Saying About Us

“The set ups were great and Andrea was an amazing help through the first couple of cases. I always appreciate your low-cost lab fees, as it allows me to keep my lingual fees more competitive to Invisalign.”

– Dr. Mario P.

HBB Aligners

With our advanced technology, we offer a fully digitized experience allowing you to provide your patients with a smile they want, the way you want, with our custom made aligners.

Alias/ELINE Lingual Setups

Provide an irresistibly invisible option to your patients, without sacrificing extra costs and time in your practice with our system. With the ease of our straight wire sequence and self ligating bracket, you can start a case today!