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Hide Your Braces, Not Your Smile - XLarge


Adult braces don’t sound like a FASHION STATEMENT.

Gaining confidence in your smile can literally change your life. Team Orthodontics’ Hidden Braces Boutique wants to help you make that change.

Creating gorgeous smiles since 2001, Dr. Danyluk utilizes the most advanced diagnostic, equipment and treatments in the industry. This assures you the best possible results. Whether you are correcting a shift from a previous correction as a child or experiencing your first orthodontic treatment, Dr. Danyluk and his talented team will give you the confidence that comes with an impeccable smile.

What are hidden braces?

Love Your Smile With Lingual Braces

Let’s Go Lingual

Never underestimate the power of confidence in business or your personal life. If you are looking to improve your smile, we have an affordable and effective solution for you. Lingual braces are positioned behind your teeth. This treatment is a quicker, more discreet way to straighten teeth and reveal a more confident you.

Dr. Danyluk uses the innovative Alias lingual bracket system. It is designed for patient comfort and optimal performance. The Alias lingual bracket system ensures that each tooth movement will be smooth and precise.

Always In Alignment

The Hidden Braces Boutique also offers Invisalign treatment. These popular clear aligners are a great alternative to the traditional metal braces.

Patients who choose Invisalign will receive a series of custom-made aligners that are both removable and invisible. Invisalign braces gently straighten your teeth as you progress through your treatment.

Regardless of the orthodontic solution that you choose, Team Orthodontics Hidden Braces Boutique will work closely with you and your general dentist to create an effective treatment plan. We will customize your treatment to fit your lifestyle while achieving the results you are looking for. At Team Orthodontics’ Hidden Braces Boutique, we believe that comfort and convenience should be at the forefront of your orthodontic experience.

Give yourself something to smile about, for life.

Hidden Braces - Free Consultation
Dr. Ken Danyluk - Hidden Braces Boutique

Dr. Ken Danyluk, or Dr. D as he is affectionately known, practiced as a general dentist for over 7 years before pursuing his specialty training in orthodontics. With the combination of general dentistry experience and specialty certification, he is able to provide his patients with unmatched comprehensive care.

There are several ways that Dr. D stands out in the field of orthodontics. His working knowledge of lingual orthodontic procedures is unmatched in Arizona. It is important to remember that not all orthodontists offer lingual braces due to the considerable amount of training and technical expertise that is necessary to complete successful cases. Dr. Danyluk not only specializes in lingual braces; he also currently runs the largest lingual practice in all of North America.

Dr. Danyluk is consistently sought out by patients from all over the region for his well-rounded experience. He is well known for his innovative approach to standard orthodontic procedures. Dr. Danyluk worked diligently to devise ways that would minimize his patients’ discomfort during treatment. He also worked with top orthodontists from all over the world as a member of the Alias Lingual Bracket Development Team. After years of collaboration, the new Alias bracket was designed to minimize friction while producing continuous tooth movements over time. This gives you the smile you’ve always wanted while keeping you comfortable and virtually pain-free. Once you have completed your treatment, Dr. Danyluk will then take the time to fully analyze your results to be sure that you are completely satisfied with the look of your new smile before moving you into the retention stage. Through every step of the process, you can rest assured knowing that Dr. Danyluk and his team of talented individuals will not stop until you are completely satisfied with your new smile.

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