Clear Aligners

How It Works…


Take a scan or PVS impression


Submit a prescription using our EasyRx software at no charge to you!


Approve our digital case workup


Get aligners shipped directly to you in 3-4 business days!


  • Express (up to 12 aligners) =$590
  • Full case (up to 96 aligners) =$1,290


  • Quick turn around; 3-4 business days (next day turn around with
    additional fee)
  • Orthodontic treatment planning support
  • Scans or PSV Impressions
  • Easy lab slip submissions via EasyRx
  • Lab Costs < Other Aligner Systems

Your aligner case will include:

  • Neatly packaged and labeled aligners
  • One speech improvement handout
  • One appliance remover
  • Aligner smoothing board
  • Aligner seating chewies

Become A Game Changer In Your Practice!

Our aligners allow you to provide your patients with a straight smile while keeping it a secret! Stop being overcharged for name brands, and let us supply your office with quality aligners while saving you 30%!